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Social Networking

Posted by Andrea Metz at Sep 16, 2009 10:00 AM |

A review of how to get started

Getting started

On blogging: by Chris Brogan

    1.    Write to be helpful.
    2.    Be brief.
    3.    Tell a story.
    4.    Connect others, if appropriate.
    5.    Share. Often.
    6.    Don’t overthink it. (It’s a blog, not a dissertation.)
    7.    But be thoughtful.
    8.    Don’t be mean.
    9.    Publish often enough to build a relationship.
    10.    But be mindful of your audience’s time.


Chris Brogan Blog: "A trust agent is a person who’s learned how to be human at a distance using online tools, and someone who believes that relationships are at the core of all interactions." This is THE PLACE to start. Chris has lots of good advice. Get the book: Trust Agents  - see similar books at Amazon.

Betsy's Blog
First of all keep in mind that Facebook is simply one tactic in your overall outreach and engagement strategy.

"I think it makes a lot of sense for organizations to use both pages and groups and to encourage staff and volunteers to use their personal Facebook profiles and friend networks to spread buzz about the organization." - Betsy


Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media
Using social media for your org: Example: Smithsonian American Art Museum

Regarding NON-PROFIT Guidance


OneiCity Facebook

Income Solutions for Nonprofits: what every nonprofit leader should know

Blue Avocado

Practical, provocative, and fun food-for-thought for non-profits

Regarding TWITTER

Video on how to do it

Twitter Secrets

Regarding EMAIL SERVICES (depending on needs):

Email marketing
mail chimp, constant comment, bench mark email, my newsletter builder

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