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Getting the most out of PNG and ImageOptim

Posted by Lee Joramo at Mar 18, 2011 12:05 PM |

PNG is a great image format, but the real world use in web browsers has many tricky issues. ImageOptim solves most of these issues automatically.

I read a discussion on Hacker News about getting the most out of the PNG image file format. The discussion focused on PNG that Works, an article that succinctly summarizes the various technical issues that cause problems with PNG images across web browsers and operation systems.
PNG is a great format, but has been plagued  by bad browser support from Microsoft (although IE 9 may have finally fixed that), and technical issues related to Gamma, etc.
The punch line of "PNG that Works" is that the author has created a GUI tool called ImageOptim based on a number of open source Command Line programs that systematically optimize images files with just a drag and drop. we use to do this as a multi-step manual process by hand for each individual image. Now we can grab a bunch of images and optimize them all at once in seconds. And ImageOptim will also perform a number of tweaks on GIF's and JPEG's.
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