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Big Solutions for Organizations

What designKiln Offers

We are a customer-focused web development firm. We listen. We work with you using forward-thinking, standards-compliant internet technologies to help you meet your organizational and business objectives. Our team has extensive experience developing and designing usable, dynamic web 2.0 sites.

We work to customize a solution for your needs - so you'll often find us asking questions about your underlying organizational requirements. We want to make sure our work contributes to your bottom line, and creates a clean, open, and flexible site for your organization, and communicates with your constituencies.

A Web Based Communication Toolbox

We provide a full set of web based communication tools (called Web 2.0 tools) to aid you in the future success and growth of your organization.  These tools have the potential to greatly enhance the efficiency and record keeping of your organization, communicate with the public, and impress donors of your cause.

Tools We Offer

  • Easy-to-use web based site that allows you to manage content without a web-master
  • A clean, consistent web design that communicates clearly and quickly
  • Built-in accessibility standards that service the blind and motor impaired
  • Calendar tool that allows others to download your calendar
  • Event scheduling tool
  • Search function for automatic searches
  • A site map generating tool

These tools provide not only a first rate method of communicating to the general public, but also the versatile means to organize and collaborate with your various constituencies such as volunteers, agencies, funders, board and staff.

Easy-to-Maintain Site

Your website will allow you to control your own content including

  • Articles
  • News Summaries
  • Links
  • FAQs
  • Calendars
  • Events

Content is edited via a web interface. By assigning users to different roles such as Writer, Editor and Publisher, you can allow different people to contribute material, collaborate, alter and delete it, and make the information available to the public.


By default, the Web 2.0 technologies we provide have excellent web design. Complying with XHTML and CSS standards, it looks great across the majority of web browsers regardless of which program, version or operation system is used. The design provides fast loading web pages.


Often over looked in web site design and programming is accessibility for those with impairments.  A website fromdesignKiln includes the implementation of the U.S. Federal Government's Section 508 and the WC3's web accessibility standards. This provides visitors to the site with the best possible experience even if they are using tools such as screen readers to assist the vision impaired or alternate input devices for those with limited hand mobility. 
Having an accessible website helps those in need of such features - it displays your professionalism and makes a positive impression with funders.
A side benefit of making a site accessible to the blind is a friendly site to search engines such as Google or Yahoo.  Ask us about other Search Engine ranking tools.

Outstanding Services

Beyond providing you with a web application site, we provide support and services to help you get the most out of your web site. These services include computer equipment consultation, on-going programming and design, server administration and training.


For the most part, you may add your own information and content. However, there will be times when some custom programming is needed. For example, when you need web forms to take input and send you that information via an email.  We provide you with the necessary programming to make beautifully designed forms.


We offer design services including Branding and Identity packages with website Branding integration.  Ask us for details.

Reliable Web Hosting

For your information, we maintain a dedicated server with the hosting company. Rackspace has provided us with highly reliable network access and excellent customer service for over six years.



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